Lab News

December 2017

Merry Christmas from the Staniland lab!



October 2017

The Wain award! Congratulations to Sarah, as she accepted her award from the University of Kent where she gave a talk entitled “From bacterial magnets to anti-cancer treatment – exploiting novel materials found in nature”. The talk covered what we do in our lab and was followed by a great photo op.

Sarah Staniland & Michael Wain.jpgSarah Staniland - Wednesday 18th October 2017.jpg

September 2017

Rejoice, a new academic year has begun! A warm welcome to all the new students joining our group.

We have two new Ph.D. students:

Laura Norfolk and Samuel Armistead (more information on their projects in the group page).

And two Master’s students Simran and Niarah. Simran will be working on trying to bind nanoparticles onto protein arrays, whereas Niara will be investigating a cell-free protein expression.

Exciting stuff!

August 2017

Great news! Sarah has a new joint CRUK grant with Dr Munitta Muthana to investigate:

“Magnetic delivery of anti-cancer magnetosomes using MRI”

Sarah and Andrea have recently been awarded an industrial biotechnology grant from BBSRC.

Not only that, Sarah has received the Wain award from the University Of Kent. The Wain Medal is awarded to young scientists for excelling at doing research in biochemistry.

She will be giving a lecture on the 18th of October at the University of Kent.

It has been an eventful month!

July 2017

Congratulations to Rosie in continuing her winning poster streak with another award at the RSC MC13 conference in Liverpool. Rosie won the Journal of Material Chemistry B prize and received a voucher for her choice of RSC books!

Sarah, Andrea, Rosie and Lukas visited Liverpool, the home of the Beatles, for the RSC MC13 conference 2017. Sarah and Andrea both presented talks – here is a picture of them both in action:

MC13 grouped image

June 2017

The group welcomes back Sarah from maternity leave!

March 2017

Congratulations to Sarah for receiving the Suffrage award  recognizing achievements of women in science. The award was received in March at the Royal Society in London.

Suffrage prize

January 2017

The group bids a temporary farewell to Sarah as she departs for several months of maternity leave. We all wish her well- and can’t wait to meet the new addition to our Group!


Please direct all queries during this time to Andrea Rawlings who is covering for Sarah during her absence.


December 2016

The Staniland group enjoyed a Christmas lunch with board games. A fun time was had by all!


Rosie won a prize for best poster at the prestigious RSC Materials Poster Symposium in London! Here she is below receiving her prize from the distinguished US scientist Prof. Benjamin J. Wiley.


November 2016

Lori visited Atlanta, Georgia, to attend the International Genetic and Protein Engineering Conference- and ended up winning the prize for best poster! Well done Lori!

October 2016

A warm welcome to Chris and Lukas– our new PhD recruits who are just starting their projects. Also, welcome to Niall, Tom and Sam who have joined the group for their final year MChem research projects.

September 2016

  • Sarah and Andrea both presented recent research at the 2016 Magnetotactic bacteria conference at Carry Le Rouet, France. It was a lovely conference in a beautiful venue!photo-groupe-apres-2

August 2016

  • Grant Success! Sarah has recently been awarded a new research grant with long-term collaborator and fellow Sheffield scientist Dr Siddharth Patwarden. Exciting new nanomaterial work to follow shortly- watch this space!
  • Sarah attended the prestigious Gordon Research Conference in Biomineralisation in Girona, Spain.GRC 2016
  • New Paper! Our new paper covering the synthesis of artificial magnetosomes in collaboration with colleagues at UCL and Oxford has been published in Macromolecular Bioscience. Congratulations to Dr Jenny Bain (joint first author)!

July 2016

  • New Paper! Exciting new review paper authored by Sarah and Andrea on Mms6 function published in Biochemical Society Transactions.

June 2016

  • Dr Jenny Bain is leaving the group and starting an exciting new post-doctoral position at the University of Manchester with Prof. Nigel Scrutton. We all wish Jenny the best in her new career!
  • PhD student, Rosie Jarrald, has visited our collaborator in Japan to carry out exciting new research for her doctoral project. Here is Rosie enjoying some great Japanese hospitality. Kanpai!

Rosie in Japan

May 2016

  • New Paper! Former PhD student in the group Dr Jo Galloway (Univ. of Bristol) has published a new paper in the prestigious RSC journal Nanoscale detailing her work on biotemplated CoPt patterned arrays in collaboration with Sarah and others.
  • Sarah’s innovative research, and successful scientific career have been recognised by the RSC with the award of the prestigious Harrison Meldola Memorial prize. This is the premier award by the RSC for early career researchers and is a wonderful achievement!
  • Sarah attended the European Materials Conference and presented three talks.
  • Our research into nanoscale patterning of magnetite biomineralisation protein  Mms6 has been featured on the front cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry CActual front cover J Materials Chem

April 2016

  • The group had a visit from our long-standing collaborator and friend Masayoshi Tanaka, Assistant Prof. at Tokyo Tech. He was accompanied by his colleague and group leader Prof. Mina Okochi. Many insightful scientific discussions were had, and exciting new research projects were initiated!
  • Rosie and Sarah attended the IOP Magnetism conference in Sheffield, UK. Rosie presented a poster- and was rewarded with a runner up poster prize for her efforts! Well Done Rosie!Poster win Rosie

March 2016

  • Sarah, Andrea and Jenny visited Manchester for a symposium on Frontiers in Drug Delivery. This was an absolutely fantastic event and has given us lots of new directions for our research.

February 2016

  • Congratulations to Scott  for successfully defending his thesis. Well done Dr. Bird!

January 2016

  • The Staniland Group hosted Prof Nico Sommerdijk from Eindhoven University. Nico gave a departmental seminar and engaged in valuable scientific discussions.
  • New Paper! Congratulations to Scott and Andrea on their new paper, just accepted in RSC Advances.

December 2015

  • New Paper! Our recent work in collaboration with Prof Graham Leggett (Univ. Sheffield, UK) has just been accepted in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Well done to Scott for getting this paper together so quickly!
  • Congratulations to Scott for submitting his PhD thesis!
  • Sarah and Andrea attended the “Membrane Proteins from A to Z” symposium at Leeds University. This was a wonderful event to commemorate the life and work of our colleague, collaborator, and friend Prof Steve Baldwin. Sarah (seen below in action) delivered a talk on our work with magnetosome membrane conf Leeds Dec 2015
  • Massive well done to Jenny on passing her PhD viva with flying colours!
  • New Paper! Congratulations to Jenny on the publication of her work on tri-block magnetopolymersomes in the journal Polymers.
  • Sarah Staniland visited Boston, Massachusetts, to present the groups work at the prestigious MRS Fall Meeting.

November 2015

  • Our recently published book chapter on “Novel methods for the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles” has been listed in the latest issue of ChemInform abstracts.

October 2015

  • Welcome to our new MChem students Rachel and Pavan!
  • Congratulations to Jenny for submitting her PhD thesis! Lots of effort and hard work went into the thesis- an excellent achievement.

September 2015

  • New Paper! Well done to Jenny on the publication of her exciting paper on magneto-polymersomes in Scientific Reports.

August 2015

  • Andrea and Sarah attended the 25th Goldschmidt conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Andrea gave a talk on her research and Sarah chaired the session.

July 2015

  • The group visited York for the RSC MC12 conference. Scott and Jenny presented their research as posters. Here is the group enjoying the wonderful scenery of the York University lake during a coffee break.
  • .York MC12
  • Group members Scott Bird and Jenny Bain are visiting Barcelona for the ICNFA’15 conference. Both are delivering talks on their PhD research.
  • New Paper! Congratulations to Andrea and Lori for getting their phage display paper published in the RSC journal Chemical Science.

June 2015

  • The Staniland group hosted an external speaker, Dr Nuno Faria (MRC Human Nutrition Research), who gave an interesting seminar showcasing his translational research. This involves developing amorphous materials for innovative disease treatments. (23/06/15).
  • The Molecular Scale Engineering ISAB Student Conference 2015 is taking place on 18/06/2015 at Weetwood Hall, Leeds. Scott Bird, a CDT student from our group, is attending the event and presenting a poster of his research on bioinspired surface patterning.
  • Our MChem project students brought lovely cakes to our group meeting (09/06/15). The cakes were much appreciated by all- thank you Rosie, Catherine and Naomi!Lab meeting 090715
  • Scott Bird is visiting Northern Ireland for the Seagate conference on magnetic data storage organised by the IOP. Scott is presenting a poster entitled “A bioinspired approach to data storage”.

May 2015

  • Dr Paul Southern from UCL visited the laboratory and gave a seminar in the department on uses of magnetic nanoparticles. He also provided some useful tips and tricks for our magnetic hyperthermia experiments.
  • A small contingent of the Staniland group attended the first Advanced Biomanufacturing Centre Conference held in Sheffield. This was a great opportunity to meet industry and academic scientists. Andrea presented a talk summarising the groups research during the Young Researchers Showcase session and Lori presented her first ever poster at a conference.
  • Well done to our MChem students for getting their projects written up and finished and making some wonderful posters for the poster session. Next years students will have a lot to live up to!

April 2015

  • Sarah, Andrea and Jenny attended the 5th Bionanomaterials Zing Conference in Carvoeiro in Portugal. Sarah gave a talk on the groups research and Andrea and Jenny presented posters. Congratulations go to Jenny for winning a highly prestigious poster prize at the event- well done Jenny!

March 2015

  • Scott and Sarah visited the University of Leeds for the Magnetism 2015 conference organised by the Institute of Physics. Scott presented a talk which gave an overview of his research.
  • New Paper! Jenny has had a review paper accepted in the RSC journal PCCP. Congratulations Jenny!
  • New Paper! Scott has had a paper accepted in the RSC journal Nanoscale. Congratulations to Scott!