Current Group Members

Dr Sarah Staniland


Dr. Sarah Staniland obtained her MChem degree at the University of Edinburgh in 2001. This was followed by a PhD in magnetic materials (dept. Chemistry, Edinburgh) which she completed in 2005. After this she won an independent EPSRC life science interface fellowship (2005-2008) at the University of Edinburgh where she initiated the research she is currently active in. This helped her transition from the chemical material sciences to interdisciplinary work at the interface with biology. She then moved to the University of Leeds to take up a Lectureship in Bionanoscience in the School of Physics and Astronomy where she was promoted to Associate Professor (2008-2013). She has now moved to Sheffield as a Senior Lecturer in Bionanoscience.

Dr Andrea Rawlings


Andrea is a post-doctoral research associate and researcher co-investigator in the group and has an MChem degree and a PhD in structural biology from the University of York. She has expertise in molecular biology, protein engineering, nanoparticle synthesis and characterisation.


Lori Somner


Lori has an MChem from the University of Sheffield and her PhD project focuses on designing and using artificial proteins for controlling nanomaterial synthesis.

Zainab Taher


Zainab is working on a PhD project investigating the magnetosomes of Magnetotactic bacteria for potential biomedical uses.

Pawel Lysyganicz 

Pawel is co-supervised by Sarah Staniland and Jarema Malicki and is working on a mechanoreceptor based PhD project using magnetosomes.

Rosie Jarrald

Chemistry 17 060

Rosie successfully completed her MChem project in the group and loved it so much she decided to stay with us for her PhD. Her work involves studying magnetic materials on patterned surfaces.

Christopher Legge


Chris is a PhD student and is co-supervised by Dr Helen Bryant and Dr Munitta Muthana He is investigating synthetic magnetic nanoparticles and their biomedical applications.

Lukas Jasaitis


Lukas is a White Rose funded PhD student and is collaborating with groups at the University of York to research approaches to protein based magnetic nanoparticle patterning.

Laura Norfolk

Laura is a PhD student working on a project aimed at sustainable scale up of nanoparticle production for industry. Her PhD is co-supervised by Dr Siddharth V. Patwardhan who is based in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Samuel Armistead

Samuel Aristead Picture For Website

Sam has done his MChem in the group working on biological routes for environmentally friendly cement production. He is now working on his PhD project attempting to promote metal crystallization in mine tailing to increase their stability. His project is part of the Biomedusa initiative and is co-supervised by Dr Colin Smith from the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering.

Simran Basi and Naihra Chaudury 
MChem students working within the group on their final year research projects. Simran is working with S-layer proteins for nanoparticle patterning and Naihra is trying create synthetic magnetosomes.